The Kiwi Feathering Prop
The Propeller of choice for sailing yachts

3 bladed Kiwiprop - for engines ~ 15 to ~ 55 HP

Kiwi Feathering Prop in forward (motoring)
Kiwiprop in forward (motoring)
Kiwi prop feathered (under sail)
Kiwiprop feathered (under sail)

4 bladed Kiwiprop - for engines ~50 to ~75 HP

Kiwiprop: Kiwi feathering propeller with 4 blades
K4 in forward (motoring)
K4 - Four bladed Kiwiprop featherted
K4 feathered (under sail)

Kiwiprop A simple solution for low resistance feathering prop.


Kiwiprop Advantages

  1. The Kiwi Feather Prop delivers maximum thrust in both forward and reverse from its three large blades
  2. Kiwiprop's reverse thrust equals forward thrust for maximum maneuverability
  3. As each individual blade of the Kiwi Feather Prop is free to pivot when sailing, each blade is individually aligned with the ever changing water flow brought about by the movement of the boat and the differing installed shaft angles. Drag is minimized. There is no need for a shaft lock to prevent auto-rotation as is common in geared propellers
  4. Kiwiprop's Zytel blades: a modern DuPont composite, eliminates corrosion potential.
  5. The Kiwiprop fits all saildrives, plus industry standard imperial and metric shaft tapers. The light weight Zytel blades and hydrodynamic blade tips provide for very smooth running at all speeds.
  6. the Kiwiprop having a simple pitch adjustment
  7. Kiwi feathering propeller available in left and right handed rotations. Suitable for ~15 to ~55 HP