Kiwiprop - Propeller sizing request form


Before going further, please check:

1. Our Minimum / Maximum requirement for engine & shaft sizes.

2. Shaft taper SAE and ISO standard

3. Kiwiprop space requirement (not necessary for sail drives)

4. You may find on our Installation pages prop size advised for your engine / transmission combination

Below is a list of information we need to help us determine the prop size and pitch to fit your boat:

fields marked with red are required.

Contact Information





Information required to size a prop for your boat:

Engine: Make model

SAE Horsepower Max 1 hr rating @ RPM

Reduction Gear Ratio Ahead (Example 2.6:1)

Rotation in Ahead when viewed from astern CW=RH or CCW=LH

Shaft Diameter (click here for shaft taper SAE and ISO standard)

Shipping and Billing info

Billing Address


City State / Province Zip/ Postal code


Shipping Address if different from billing address)


City State / Province Zip/ Postal code

Telephone number for courier delivery:


More Yacht information - helpful, but not necessary

Name of Yacht

Designer and/or Manufacturer

Displacement lb

Length Overall ft Length Waterline ft

Normal Cruising RPM

Normal Cruising Speed Knots

Maximum Boat Speed (Multi hulls only)

Reduction Gear Ratio(Astern) (noted here because it sometimes differs from "ahead")

Existing propeller info:

Existing Propeller Manufacturer

Existing Propeller Type

Existing Propeller Diameter Pitch No. of Blades

Additional information and / or special instructions